St. Maartenstower Tiel  

TIEL - On Saturday June 17 2006 the Nederlandse Klokkenspel-Vereniging organized in cooperation with and on the initiative of the Comité Beiaardconcours Tiel 2006 an International Carillon Competition on the carillon of the St. Maartenstower in Tiel. All 47 bells, in the range c1 - d1 - e1 - chrom. - c5 and attached as such to the keyboard, were cast in 1964 by Royal Bell-foundry Eijsbouts in Asten. The carillon is installed in a fairly closed tower and has a standard European keyboard.

The immediate neighbourhood of the tower offered several fine listening places. It was a very well organized contest. Even the weather could not have been better. A lot of sunshine, warm, but not too hot.

Soon after the drawing of lots the first competitor started playing at ten o'clock. The contest ended towards the evening with the prize-giving ceremony. It was a true international contest with thirteen carillonneurs competing in two categories: with or without a diploma. Competitors came from five different countries: Jan Verheyen (Belgium); Charles Dairay (France); Toru Takao, Chiaki Wada (Japan); Monika Kazmierczak, Malgosia Fiebig (Poland); Bauke Reitsma, Janno den Engelsman, Edwin Berends, Ewa Mendys-Kamphorst, David van der Vlies, Jasper Stam, Wout van der Linden (The Netherlands).

The compulsary work for participants in category A (with diploma) was Prélude Choralof Rien Ritter (1922-1991). Carillonneurs in category B (without diploma) all had to perform Klein Koraal of Mathieu Dijker (born 1927). In addition every carillonneur was expected to play one or more pieces of their own choice, provided that the maximum playing time of 20 minutes was not exceeded.

The performances were conscientiously judged by Gert Oldenbeuving (president, carillonneur and organist), Anna Maria Reverté i Casas (carillonneur of Barcelona), Dirk S. Donker (carillonneur and organist), Gildas Delaporte (carillonneur and bass player), and Ben Middeldorp (conductor and organist of the St. Maartenschurch in Tiel). For each piece candidates were given a mark for technique, interpretation, and level of difficulty. The jury was assisted by a non-voting secretary.

Malgosia Fiebig from Gdansk, currently living in Amersfoort, was awarded the first prize in category A. The mayor of Tiel, Steven de Vreeze, presented her an envelope with EUR 600 as well as the promise of an invitation for three carillon recitals in 2007. Besides the compulsory work she played the Gregorian Triptych by John Courter and Prélude no. 1 by Robert Lannoy. The second prize, an envelope with EUR 350, went to Jasper Stam from Kampen. The piece of his own choice was De Kathedraal by Arthur Meulemans.

Winner of the first prize in category B was Jan Verheyen from Hasselt (Belgium). He won a cash prize of EUR 350 and one recital in 2007. In addition to the compulsary piece he also played De Kathedraal, by Arthur Meulemans, and Labyrinth composed by Geert D'hollander. An amount of EUR 200 was awarded to Toru Takao for playing the Fantasie in d, written by Wolfgang A. Mozart, the first two parts of Sonata fervida per campanae by Geert D'hollander and the compulsary piece.

For the audience and the citizens of Tiel a listening competition was organized during lunch time. Carillonneur Gideon Bodden played ten well-known popular songs. Among them Summertime, Hup Holland Hup and Dromen zijn bedrog. The titles of these songs were printed on the competition form, but in the wrong order. Most people were able to determine the correct sequence in which the songs were played. Four of them won a small cash prize.